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About Emerald Built Environments

Guiding Clients Toward Excellent Results


We Are Your Team

Emerald Built Environments is a leading consulting firm that provides services at the intersection of business and sustainability. Our expertise spans from engineering and building science to carbon reporting, net zero initiatives, and sustainability certifications. Our team’s experience in understanding the intricacies of how these categories interact remains at the core of our value. We use this knowledge to develop unique sustainability solutions that provide our clients with long-term financial and performance success.















We are your Team. Emerald Built Environments has been helping clients achieve their sustainability goals for over a decade.  Recently, several clients shared their thoughts on why they include us on their Team. Click the play button to learn more.


We collaborate with our clients on projects all over the world, and at all stages - new construction, major renovations and facility operations. Our work crosses all building types. Collectively we have touched hundreds of green building certification, building commissioning and green financing projects across the globe—North America, Europe, Africa and Asia—all from our home in Cleveland, Ohio. Will your project be next? 

Our Expertise

Delivering Worldwide Expertise in...


New Construction + Major Renovation Projects

From small commercial projects to steel mills and advanced learning spaces, Emerald excels at helping building owners and developers reach their sustainability goals. Building envelope commissioning, sustainability certifications, energy modelling, and embodied emissions reporting are just a few ways Emerald’s clients capitalize on the benefits of sustainability. This includes financial benefits realized through lower construction and operational costs and by qualifying for low-carbon tax incentives in new construction and major renovation projects.

Existing Buildings + Portfolios

Operations usually comprise most of a building’s life cycle costs. However, operational efficiency often falls to the wayside during development, and older buildings typically lack modern best practices. Emerald’s application of tools like energy audits,  energy modelling, performance tracking, and achieving LEED O+M Certification can help buildings modernize - lowering operational costs and extending a building’s lifetime. Emerald’s clients maximize value from their existing buildings. 

Global Perspective

Emerald works with clients across the U.S. and internationally, which requires us to stay at the forefront of global best practices, innovative sustainability strategies, and emerging technologies. Additionally, this experience lends us a strategic view of rapidly developing global knowledge and unique use cases in the sustainability space. We pull from this knowledge to help each client maximize the opportunities of their individual situation. 

Business Focused

Sustainability and ESG play a pivotal role in long-term business stability. However, all companies are different, and Emerald understands that each company requires a unique approach to sustainability. By applying ESG reporting frameworks, carbon reporting best practices, and industry insight, Emerald helps businesses choose metrics, strategies, and roadmaps to develop and achieve ESG targets. 

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