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Businesses that participate in the global economy are feeling increased pressure to have a strategy that improves their environmental impact – a plan to understand and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Emerald can help you get started on your journey by helping you develop your first carbon report and set a strategy to reduce your footprint.

How We Build Your GHG Emissions Report

Knowing where to begin developing your first carbon report is unique to each company.

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Our proven four-step process, which starts with listening & strategizing, will set you on the right path in defining the scope of your emissions report. During the first phase, we will guide you to define the scopes that your company generates.

Then, we will evaluate and plan for the data collection you need to develop your report. Our inventory process helps you understand what data to collect now, and what data you can work towards collecting in the future. Our calculators easily translate your data into your emissions profile. 

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Once we’ve collected data for a 12-month period, we are ready to issue your report. We can also help you secure a third-party verified report so you can publicly promote your organization's efforts to know your baseline. That summarizes step 3 for the first report.


Finally, step 4, test & measure, leads us to an ongoing effort to track and report data so we can measure performance year over year. 


Ready to pursue reductions in emissions? We'll start step 1 over with a new scope of work focused on helping you reach your goals. Emerald will recommend steps you can take based upon your company’s unique emissions profile, whether they be steps you take to actively reduce or offset your emissions. 

How Does a BLCA Fit Into This? 

Building Lifecycle Assessments (BLCA) are part of GHG Emissions Reporting when you have a construction project. Learn more in our video -->