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WELL Health + Safety

WELL Health-Safety

The WELL Health-Safety Rating is designed for Facility Operations and Management and helps buildings and organizations address the health, safety and well-being of their most valuable asset—people.

The strategies in WELL Heath - Safety keep spaces clean and sanitized, provide essential health benefits and services, communicate health and safety efforts, help prepare for an emergency, and look at water and air quality. Released in July 2020, the rating system is informed by the WELL Building Standard and more than 600 experts from the Task Force on COVID-19. The WELL Health-Safety Rating is designed for Facility Operations and Management helps buildings and organizations address the health, safety and well-being of their most valuable asset—people.

A visible indication of confidence and trust, the WELL Health-Safety seal communicates to everyone entering a space that evidence-based measures have been adopted and third-party verified. WELL Health - Safety certification is available to any building type. 

Focused on operational policies, maintenance protocols and emergency plans, the WELL Health-Safety Rating includes 22 strategies to help you:

 Keep spaces clean and sanitized
 Provide essential health benefits and services
 Communicate your health and safety efforts
 Help everyone prepare for an emergency
 Assess air and water quality

Certification Focus Areas

existing buildings


interior quality


sustainable materials


energy management systems

Energy Management


Process And Cost Information:

The certification process for WELL Health-Safety is online through their certification portal. It involves registering the project and paying the registration fee,  and uploading documentation that demonstrates compliance with the criteria.

To achieve certification, a project must demonstrate compliance with a minimum of 15 of the 22 criteria. Documentation may include written policies, floorplans with noted detail such as signage locations, photographs, testing reports and survey data. All documentation undergoes third-party verification from Green Building Certification Institute insure all criteria have been met.

Pricing has been made flexible in order for any type of space to utilize WELL H+S. Fees range from $2,730 to $4,200 per building, and portfolio pricing is available. Certification is valid for one year, upon which the building would apply for recertification.

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