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Fitwel is a green building certification that has a heavy focus on human health and how building materials and operations can affect health of occupants. There are eight categories for projects to certify: sites (community), sites (commercial), multi-tenant base building, multi-tenant whole building, single tenant building, commercial interior, retail, and multifamily residential. Certification through Fitwel lasts 3 years. 

Sub-rating systems:

  • Sites- Community
  • Sites- Commercial
  • Buildings- Senior Housing 
  • Buildings- Multi-tenant Base Building
  • Buildings- Single-tenant Building
  • Buildings- Commercial Interior Space
  • Buildings- Retail
  • Buildings- Multifamily Residential 

Impact Categories:

  • Impacts Surrounding Community Health
  • Reduces Morbidity and Absenteeism
  • Supports Social Equity for Vulnerable Populations 
  • Instills Feelings of Well-Being
  • Enhances Access to Healthy Foods
  • Promotes Occupant Safety
  • Increases Physical Activity

Certification Focus Areas

interior quality


sustainable materials



Process And Cost Information:

After registering a project, choose the project type/pathway. The scorecard associated with the chosen pathway will be provided. Then, submit documentation to show the project complies with Fitwel strategies. This will then be reviewed by the Fitwel Certification team who will give feedback. Once the project team reviews and replies to the certification team to work out details, certification will be awarded. 

There is a flat registration fee for all projects, as well as other fees based upon square footage. 

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