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Material Compliance and Contractor Requirements

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As LEED v4 projects are making their way from design to construction, contractors are starting to get their feet wet with the new LEED v4 requirements. The jungle of material and product certifications to consider for LEED v4 is more complex for design architects and contractors than past versions.

New words such as Health Product Declaration, Environmental Product Declaration, Declare, TVOC, etc. are entering the construction site. Calculating a project's LEED points is now based either on the number of compliant products or percentage of cost - not just the percentage of costs like in the past. Low-emitting materials are being more closely examined.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Overview of LEED v4 Contractor Requirements
  • Keywords new to LEED v4
  • What LEED v4 documentation looks like for the construction process
  • A contractors role in a successful LEEDv4 project
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Do you understand sustainable construction requirements and what's required from you when you bid on a job and how do you ensure that you comply? 

For your project we can provide:

  • Contractor Documentation support for Sustainability Requirements
  • Commissioning Services for MEP and Envelope
  • Scope definition for Design Built Projects for varies certifications including LEED, WELL, Green Globes
  • Energy Modeling to analyze Alternates for Energy Code compliance and optimize construction costs