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Emerald Built Environments delivers services that help our clients meet their financial and performance goals. Our clients receive the support necessary to help them evaluate, plan and implement strategies that deliver winning results.  We help our clients make informed decisions during all stages of a building's lifecycle with deep experience in planning, acquisition, design and construction.  We are often engaged to support clients through operations and renovation, which enhances our ability to truly be strategic partners throughout a building’s lifecycle.  We bring a business-focused approach to our work and align our analysis with key performance indicators based on your specific project goals.

As your partners, we deliver sustainable results that matter: 

Capture more dollars from funding sources. 
If you are considering leveraging federal, state or local government funding sources, we can help you understand how to meet the documentation requirements for energy performance targets and make sense of conflicting funding criteria.

Improve building performance.  
Through our approach to integrated design facilitation, we encourage collaboration and data sharing between disciplines that leads to innovative design concepts, yielding higher building performance.

Create long-term capital improvement plans and budgets.
With the analysis from energy audits and modeling tools, we align your operating performance metrics with opportunities and challenges related to energy-consuming systems to help you identify highest and best uses for capital investment.  

Receive solutions that fit your requirements—not a sales pitch. 
Engaging with performance contracts, or ESCOs, can appear to solve many of your portfolio's capital improvement needs, especially when it comes to large asset replacement, such as a chillers or Building Automation Systems. Are you knowledgeable enough about your systems to enter into a long-term commitment? Do you fully understand your responsibilities and operational limitations, especially if energy savings is part of the financial arrangement? We can help you understand what you really need so that you can buy strategically.

Services for Your Portfolio:

  • Financial-grade investment documentation
  • Capital improvement plan development
  • Portfolio-wide design, construction and operational standards that meet your financial and performance objectives
  • Retro-commissioning
  • Sustainable operations and maintenance policies
  • Sustainable certification management
  • Informed consulting
  • HVAC assessment, improvement and replacement planning
  • Financial-grade energy audits and retro-commissioning
  • Third-party owner support for energy savings performance contracts
  • Third-party quality management from location/building selection to operation
  • Commissioning for heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, plumbing and envelope
  • Green building certification: LEED, WELL, FitWel, ENERGY STAR, Enterprise Green Communities, Arc, Green Globes, National Green Building Standard
  • Early Energy Modeling used to inform design as well as budget, analyze alternates for energy code compliance and optimize construction costs
  • Commissioning for MEP and Envelope systems
  • High Performance Building Design. Emerald can provide engineering design or design assistance for your project.
  • Energy Audit services
  • Independent testing, engineering review and consulting
  • Scope definition and pre-engineering services for design-build projects
  • Contractor documentation support for sustainability requirements
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Real Estate Developers

We work with our clients to help set and achieve their financial and operational performance metrics for existing buildings, new construction and renovations. We help identify and provide documentation for private and government funding sources through review and recommendations on strategic design features, establishing energy performance and savings, as well as through post-project energy performance verification.

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Building Owners

When the goal is to improve a building's performance, Emerald helps our building owner clients set and achieve their financial and operational performance goals. Whether new construction, renovation or an existing building, we will guide you through the process to evaluate, plan and implement to achieve the goals that matter to your bottom line.

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Architects + Engineers

We help our clients design high performance buildings and achieve sustainable certifications. Using our unique framework for project development from planning through operations, we meet you where you are and support you in reaching your client's goals. With global experience, we know how to efficiently achieve green certifications such as LEED, WELL, Green Globes and others by leveraging energy modeling, integrated design process and building commissioning so you can deliver higher-performing designs and buildings with less upfront cost to the owner.

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We support contractors as a technical resource for testing and independent consulting. We help to guide contractors in meeting project requirements for green building certifications such as LEED, Energy Star, WELL, FitWel, National Green Building Standard and others. Our experience on over 250 projects worldwide allows us to step in and complete specific tasks required of you and to make sustainable building requirements easy to document and cost effective.

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